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ProteoCell Biotechnologies Inc

Leading in the development of integrated bioprocess technologies in Cell line engineering, process development, and facility design.
ProteoCell Biotechnologies Inc
Address: 230 Rue Bernard-Belleau, Coimbatore, Laval H7V 4A9, Québec, Laval, Canada
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ProteoCell Biotechnologies was launched in 2003 to provide bioprocess solutions to small and emerging biotechnology companies with a lack of in-house bioprocess development and biopharmaceutical manufacturing expertise. From the outset, the vision of the founders was to assemble a platform able to offer the latest bioprocess resources and technologies in a rapidly evolving industry to the biopharmaceutical discovery sector, providing clients and partners with a cutting-edge operational and standardized manufacturing development environment and innovative science. But with this innovation, also came an unwavering commitment to quality built into the science from the outset—as well as conforming to GLP, GMP, and Quality Assurance above and beyond established industry standards. Also from the outset, the philosophy was to integrate cell line engineering, process engineering, and facility engineering as the core design elements for a complete, robust, and regulatory friendly bioprocess manufacturing platform.

ProteoCell has been a pioneering trendsetter in this approach to bioprocess integration, an approach that is taking root more and more in today’s costly and complex bioprocess domain. The company has taken on and successfully executed many projects both with small and emerging biotech companies, larger international pharma companies, and even with certain renowned academic research centers.

Today, after establishing its name in this segment of the biotechnology/biopharmaceuticals development sector, ProteoCell Biotechnologies is moving forward to make biopharmaceuticals manufacturing more flexible, more affordable, and more accessible for biopharmaceuticals manufacturers globally.

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