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A Medrobotics Force Dimension Sigma 7 Haptic Device

A June 11 online auction by Tiger Group and Liquidity Services features intellectual property and $12 million in medical equipment and inventory from Medrobotics including 23 of the company's groundbreaking Flex and next-gen Flex360 surgical robotics systems.

The assets, which include a broad array of lab, assembly/manufacturing, plant support and material-handling items, come from Medrobotics' fully furnished, 40,000-square-foot Raynham plant. "There is still time for medical device-makers, robotics companies or venture capital firms to step in and acquire all of these assets in a turnkey purchase," noted John Coelho, Senior Director, Tiger Commercial & Industrial.

In so doing, these bidders would have the opportunity to acquire 22 terabytes' worth of technical specs, customer lists and other valuable IP. "However, the clock is ticking and we are now making all 700-plus Medrobotics assets, IP included, available on an individual basis," said Nick Jimenez, Vice President of Global  Business Development at Liquidity Services.

Known for its innovative Flex/Flex360 platform, Medrobotics has supplied surgical robotics systems to nearly 30 hospitals all over the world. The FDA-approved devices offer a steerable and shapeable robotic scope, allowing surgeons to operate on difficult-to-access parts of the body. In addition to the 23 complete robotics system, the sale features:

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